Problem: Site can not be reached


1. Go to a different device For example. If the problem is on a phone, go to a computer getting internet from a different provider/

2. If site sitll does not work, that could be that the hosting IP was changed.

3. On a Mac, go to an app called "Networl Utility" and lookup the site. It will give you the IP that the internet has for the domain. In this case

4. Check the actual IP for the site. So if it is someone else that is hosting for you, ask them for the IP. If you host it, let;s say at home, check your IP.

5. If you get this, the 2 Ip's are the same, so the internent knows where to find the site.

6. If the numbers are different. The DNS (Domain Name Server) is incorrect. DNS traslate the domain, like to a number. So if it does not set it fot the number in item "5" it need to be changed to that number.

7. Changing that is only available if you are able to access the company that is the registrar for the domain. Likr "Godaddy" "Namechep"

8. If you don't know just do "Whois". It tells you who is the DNS for the site. This is publically available. You can use the "Whois" part of the mac Network Utilities"